Optimus Bioweapon Defense

The Tesla teams building the Optimus Tesla Bot android need to adopt fewer parts for more function by integrating UVGi-Fi next-generation IoT connectivity for a fully mobile AI data powered Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode for human-occupied settings.

The frequency Tesla Bots must connect to the internet of things is over 1.3 THz, which studies have found is much safer than normal sunlight.

In fact, a recent study has shown ten minutes of sunlight from going outside at around 4 pm (UV Index 4.1) is the same as 3.42 YEARS of >230 nm far UV exposure with a peak of 222nm. See Sunlight-vs-far-UV-light.pdf

This contributes to growing arguments for increasing Far-UV Human Exposure Limit Guidelines to enable very fast real-time inactivation of viruses in occupied spaces.

Although the wavelength spectrum is well-known as Far-UVC, an affordable solid-state means of producing Far-UV wasn’t available until now. The wavelengths of Far-UV are invisible light frequencies that we have harnessed for ultra-fast data transfer and human-safe germicidal properties simultaneously.

UVGI-FI is a significant advancement over earlier methods of deploying Far-UV disinfection technology with decades-old methods using KrCl lamps for Far-UVC 222nm human safe germicidal wavelengths and IoT secure THz light communications technology through combining them into one utility called UVGi-Fi (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Fidelity). This is done by replacing KrCl gas lamps with solid-state alternatives that allow wireless light data transfer over a narrow band of human-safe Far-UV germicidal wavelengths between 207nm and 230nm.

Optimus has the battery power and mobility with a lot of fixed surface area real estate to be covered with far-UV semiconductors that transmit wireless data at next-gen speeds while providing Optimus a solar-blind bioweapon defense mode in human-occupied spaces.

As the UVGi-Fi network increases with more IoT connections, so does its overall antiviral effect from multiple devices transmitting data using human safe germicidal wavelengths of far-UV light between 207-230nm.

The “antiviral network effect” refers to the compounding nature of thousands of UVGi-Fi connected devices that can provide an IoT solar-blind far-UV communications bioweapon defense network that supports a human safe approach to the ultimate nonpharmaceutical technology-based pandemic countermeasures.

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