UVGi-Fi is the future of non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasures using the latest Far UV Innovations. We can either think like Edison with the light bulb or Tesla to use EM frequencies as a utility for bettering life, not just a light bulb.

Far UV solid-state allows for tuning to optimize the use of the far-UV spectrum to provide ultra fast, ultra secure solar noise-hardened Far-UV light communications that have the capability of providing a winning technology edge in the war on flu. We must work backwards, from not what we have now but what is possible, what is the fastest and most beneficial frequency that humanity can use for indoor IoT wireless communications within our human and technical abilities, not just incremental increases in data speeds. Far-UV Innovations fights the status quo by starting at the fastest wavelengths using the latest solid-state technology for healthier living, environmentally safe and secure wireless data transfer.

Far UV Innovations is skipping a generation in wireless technology as 5G is hunted by conspiracy theories, and THz waves in visible light are predicted for use in 6G Li-Fi technology.

The real race is #7Gnow using only sub-visible wavelength speeds on high energy Far-UV germicidal frequencies balanced for the least amount of ozone production for most effective Far-UV pandemic countermeasures. Far UV innovations technology ensures that acceptable ozone levels always remain at an order of magnitude under safe levels of ozone exposure for occupational safety while in a active disinfection zone.

We start by using the fastest wavelengths photons for hitting the wall on data speed frequencies that wont cause hazardous levels of ozone while using the photons energy to disinfect surrounding airspace of bio-agents while active personal are present in real-time. Photons used for communication can disinfect surfaces and air in occupied spaces while supporting next generation non-microwave UVGi-Fi wireless technology.

No longer fear the microscopic world of coronaviruses that drive global pandemics.

Reduce current wireless microwave radiation exposure that is proven biological activity in the human body.

Transmit wireless data in most secure sub-visible far UV light for the fastest wireless data frequencies possible on earth.

The Future is #7Gnow!

Connect at the frequency of light!

Far UV Innovations

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