Businesses can start using the most applicable Far-UV innovations for their indoor application and remain under safety thresholds until limits at human safe Far-UVC wavelengths are raised at federals guideline levels.

Proactive measures using the latest Far UV technology advancement sound like solutions ripped out of science fiction. Still, these high-energy miracle wavelengths are a reality, with mounds of scientific evidence suggesting we must increase safe exposure levels of Far-UVC light to provide a technology solution for infectious bio-agents in occupied spaces by deploying Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (AP-UVGI ) using Far UV-C light wavelengths.

As the 45th President of the USA said, love or hate him, he said hit the body with “very powerful light”! That is how UVGi-Fi works and the 46th President has earmarked funds for broadband infrastructure that the people must demand it incorporates next-generation wireless advancements that assist in pandemic prevention.

Excimer Lamp Far-UV technology using KrCl gas mixtures is an almost four-decades-old method of creating a peak wavelength at 222nm, which can be filtered to avoid hazardous light frequencies while providing a useful UVC utility.

Solid-state Far-UV technology is expected to reach full potential as Nanorod LEDs by 2224 while relying on advanced semi-conductor display screen technology today to create the first-ever solid-state Far UV innovations that can combine the power of human safe germicidal irradiation and the flow of wireless data seamlessly as one for the world to connect with a purpose.

UVGi-Fi For The IoT!

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